Beautiful Building of One Farrer Hotel in Little India, Singapore

One Farrer Hotel
Source Picture: Traveloka

Many people enjoy a staycation in One Farrer Hotel because the place is warm and comfortable. The rooms are large and full of facilities. It is enjoyable for you to stay there. If you do not know where to stay in Singapore, this place is very recommended. It is because the planning of the hotel building was very well and make all guests can take the benefit of it.

What is Important in a Hotel?

In planning a hotel based on W.S Harrell and Partners theory, there are some primary hotel planning. It is the site location requirements. Location selection, this factor will affect the nature and type of hotel. For example, choosing a location in a tourist area will be different from taking a spot in the middle of the city. In this case, consideration of land prices, environmental potential, accessibility is one of the main factors.

When viewed from the location selection, One Farrer Hotel does have a very strategic location, namely in Little India. This place is an area that is often visited by tourists because of the unique name and also the surrounding buildings which are full of Indian culture. India is one of the largest tribes in Singapore besides Malays and Chinese.

The orientation of the building is the next factor that influences the inside of the building on the existing environment. This orientation is intended to absorb the nice potential of the existing environment such as the use of views, achievements, sunlight, as well as avoiding interference from the environment such as noise, and so on. That makes the building more integrated with its environment.

Judging from this factor, it is clear that the One Farrer Hotel has been well made. It is because the building is following the needs of the visitors. Complete with outdoor swimming pool and other areas.

The structure of the building will depend on the size, site, soil conditions, price, and weather (climatology). The selection of structural modules affects the shape and modules of the existing space, especially the existing rooms.

Get Your Staycation Memories at One Farrer Hotel

At One Farrer Hotel, you can see the building is suitable for the weather in Singapore that tends to be stable. As a tropical country, Singapore always gets sunshine throughout the year. That is very positive when it comes to hotel buildings. It is because the guests will be able to see the view directly from the room.

The function of the hotel becomes efficient and economical because of the arrangement of a good circulation pattern. The separation of general circulation and service circulation is one good solution to create order in the building. This hotel has very good circulation with large windows, a large lobby, and other rooms, as well as the availability of air conditioning everywhere. Not only that, the smoke-free area has become an important part of this hotel.

After reading about the reviews, maybe you want to stay there more than before. Take your time and reserve a room now, because it will be very memorable and enjoyable to have a staycationthere.  

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